QR Codes

QR Code usage saw a boom during the pandemic. As businesses and people made the attempt to be “contactless”, the QR code became an integral part of our day to day activities.

I chose to eliminate the use of business cards. I never liked them anyway. I feel like people pass them out, you receive a stack of them at an event, they hang around on your desk for awhile and they get tossed in the trash. I have never been good at entering all of the information from the business card into my phone.

I created an Album in my photos on my phone named QR Codes. I have a QR code for my real estate and marketing consulting services. Instead of handing out cards, I have people scan the code and add my information directly to their contacts. I have received positive feedback on using my QR Code as the “lock” screen on my phone so it is easily accessible to show people.

If you would like a QR code with your contact info, please click here for more information.