Tips on Writing a Press Release to submit to Media Outlets

This checklist was created based on the requirements of a local, county wide news website.

  • Send it 10 days ahead of when you would like to publish
  • Headline or Title of Article – grab the reader’s attention – search engine friendly
  • Write what is interesting to the reader. What is in it for the reader?
  • Utilize conversational writing
  • Put the press release text in the body of the email, this helps the recipient see the content
  • Attach a graphic or photo to go with each article
  • Quotes are very beneficial to the release
  • Include the geographic area the story applies – local
  • Utilize the inverted pyramid style
  • About the Organization promoted in the release
  • Images to attach: .jpg and .png file
  • Logos: white or transparent background
  • Always provide captions for the photo: names of who is in the photo, left to right, provide photo credit last