AI and Marketing

“Tips for effectiveness

CMOs who are already convinced of AI’s potential value and plan to explore it further might consider these points:

Make the business case and demonstrate value.

Capabilities can be alluring, but results justify investments so be ready to show the value AI brings to marketing. Then take a step back and use the same approach to demonstrate that the marketing function will deliver more value to the broader organization when it adds the power of AI.

As with any important new tool, there’s wisdom in taking measured steps. Find small places to pilot AI in marketing initiatives, such as content personalization and predictive ordering. Then follow an iterative pattern of trust, test, tune. Trust your data; test your AI algorithms to make sure your inputs, outputs and actions are in line with your strategy; and tune your AI engine so it can almost run on its own. Then, as you expand your use of AI, make sure to stay committed to your measurable goals.”

Source: AdAge

Contact Tracing

Google and Apple have teamed up to create an app to be used for Contact Tracing to help track instances of COVID-19.

  • Key Concepts (from the CDC)
    • Trace and monitor contacts of infected people. Notify them of their exposure.
    • Support the quarantine of contacts. Help ensure the safe, sustainable and effective quarantine of contacts to prevent additional transmission.
    • Expand staffing resources. Contact tracing in the US will require that states, tribes, localities and territorial establish large cadres of contact tracers.
    • Use digital tools. Adoption and evaluation of digital tools may expand reach and efficacy of contact tracers.

Why Digital Marketing May Help Companies Survive COVID-19

“Being confined to the office – or even the home – rather than on the road on sales visits or at events, means marketers have more time to develop digital strategies. This means researching where your customers can be found online, and how different approaches and tactics might impact your success. If your organization previously put token efforts into digital channels – because like a lot of other businesses, you had built your networks offline and that had always seemed to work – now is the time to revisit them. That could be as simple as giving your website and social pages a refresh, or a more innovative approach.”


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