LucyTotes! – Reusable Tote Bags

We would like to help reduce the number of single use plastic bags by offering sustainable, reusable tote bags. Our bags may be used for grocery shopping or any other time that you need a tote bag. We hope that you love our bags and use our bags to eliminate the need for plastic bags.

We will donate a portion of the proceeds of various bags to help support causes impacted by the use of plastic bags.

Contact us if you have a need for multiple bags or totes with a logo imprinted on them!

Google just got serious about mobile

“Here’s what Google showed off:

Voice search. Google has made speech recognition search available on the desktop for Chrome users to allow people to speak, rather than type, their queries. Desktop Chrome users will now see a microphone icon next to every Google search box. Voice search has long been available on Google’s mobile search applications.

Search by image. Google debuted the capability to search using an image on the desktop browser. Users can now upload any picture from their hard drives, or plug in an image URL from the web, and ask Google to identify what it is. Google’s “Goggles” mobile application has allowed people to search by taking photos with their mobile phones since its launch in 2009.

Instant Pages. Pages is an iteration of the Instant Search feature launched last year. Instant Pages renders a visual of the search page a user is likely to click on while the query is in the process of being typed. According to Google, Instant Pages shaves between two to five seconds off of the typical search time. Instant Pages is only available on the Chrome browser for now, but much like Instant Search, which launched on the browser before coming to mobile search, hopefully Instant pages can make the transition. Like Instant Search, which seemed tailor-made for searching on a mobile device where every click counts, Instant Pages could be a boon for mobile devices as Google pre-renders pages in the cloud while your search is being performed.”