Online Marketing for Individual Hotels

February 13, 2013 0 Comments

Speaking from experience, the big hotel chains definitely have the advantage over the independent hotels when it comes to online marketing.  They have the resources to hire an agency or an internal team, run extensive paid search campaigns and implement analytics programs that make it hard for the independent hotels to compete.

Individual hotels should find creative ways to market themselves.  Online directories are very effective.  For example, a hotel in the Atlanta, Georgia area should buy an ad for a low annual fee and be listed on  Anyone planning an Atlanta wedding will visit at some point in their planning and research.

“L2′s digital IQ ranks hotel brands on the effectiveness of their website, the success of their digital marketing, their website’s mobile functionality, and their social media presence.”

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Jason Aldrich has been in the internet/technology industry for 15+ years. He is a Google Certified Individual and has worked with the Atlanta Falcons, Home Depot, IHG Hotels and many other companies.