Google Forwarding Phone Numbers

November 29, 2013 0 Comments

In previous engagements, I have used specific inbound phone numbers to track conversions.  The results were very positive.  We tracked inbound phone calls from the Google search engine results page, as well as, the various landing pages.  We dynamically generated phone numbers on the landing pages based on if the visitor clicked on a brand or non brand ad and the search engine used.  For example, if a user clicked on a non brand ad (ad did not mention the advertisers brand) on Google they saw one phone number, if they clicked on the same ad on Yahoo, they would see another phone number.  This allowed us to track conversions by search engine and ad type.

“With Google forwarding numbers, you can measure the effectiveness of your ads by tracking the calls that lead to conversions. You can also use automated bidding strategies like Conversion Optimizer and Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) to increase your likelihood of conversion. We highly encourage you to use these features if call traffic is important to your business.”

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Jason Aldrich has been in the internet/technology industry for 15+ years. He is a Google Certified Individual and has worked with the Atlanta Falcons, Home Depot, IHG Hotels and many other companies.