Google AdWords Invoicing

October 14, 2014

The most common way to pay your Google AdWords invoice is via credit card. Google offers a prepaid model and a post pay model. The advertiser will enter the credit card information and Google will charge it at the end of each month with the post pay model.

In some cases, advertisers would like to be invoiced by Google. This is a more convenient method of payment, but Google does have some requirements.  Initially, all advertisers applying for invoicing must meet all of the following requirements:

● Registered as a business for over 1 year.
● Has active Threshold or Prepay accounts which have been running for the last 12 months.
● Must have spent at least USD 5k per month for 3 months within the 12 month period.

Please contact Jason Aldrich if you are interested in applying for invoicing terms for your Google AdWords account.

About the Author:

Jason Aldrich has been in the internet/technology industry for 15+ years. He is a Google Certified Individual and has worked with the Atlanta Falcons, Home Depot, IHG Hotels and many other companies.